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  • Koerber

    K?rber awards two scholarships

    For the eighth time, K?rber AG awarded two study grants for a master's degree at Hamburg's Northern Institute of Technology (NIT) this year.
    K?rber CEO Richard Bauer last week presented the grant certificates to the happy recipients, Daniel Hagenau and Matthias Klauser. "In awarding the annual grants, K?rber AG aims to support gifted and talented students studying for a degree in technology," Richard Bauer commented.

    In addition to tuition fees, the K?rber grant offers housing, excursions and course materials. The two-year program comprises an MBA in Technology Management and a Master of Science in Engineering. All classes are taught in English. The degrees are awarded by a public/private partnership of NIT and Technical University Hamburg-Harburg. To date, more than 250 students from around the world have successfully completed the dual program.

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