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  • Koerber

    Groundbreaking Ceremony at Laser Center North

    The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Laser Center North (Laserzentrum Nord or LZN) took place in Bergedorf on September 1, 2010 in the presence of Hamburg’s new Senator of Commerce Ian Karan.
    Founded under the auspices of Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology, Hauni Maschinenbau AG supported the LZN with a € 2 million grant. In addition, several joint research and development projects with the K?rber Group already exist.

    In his opening speech, Hauni’s Director of Development Dr. Michael Pyra welcomed LZN Director Prof. Claus Emmelmann and his staff as new neighbors in Bergedorf. The new building is expected to be ready for use as early as next year. Dr. Christoph Krupp, Director of the Bergedorf District, expressed the hope that the Laser Center will be the first of a number of other innovative technology operations to establish a base in the area. Krupp and Karan both emphasized the importance of Hauni’s involvement in the project.

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